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Much of our cabin rental business is from repeat customers who appreciate this area, our cabins and facilities, and the way that our staff addresses their needs. And much of our property management business is dependent on the way that our staff addresses the cabin owners' needs.

From some of our guest families ...
I personally want to thank each one of you for being so kind and helpful the past few years I've visited. My stay has been enjoyable each time because of the staff's good attitude and overall kindness. You guys all do a wonderful job and I will be sure to recommend your cabins to others. Once again - thank you!
See you in the near future!

Amber L. Broome

I have had the pleasure of renting from you since my initial visit to Townsend in June, 1999. My first rental cabin was Number 1 in Sequoyah Village, and I was instantly hooked on the rental properties offered by Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals. During the last six years I have continued to come to Townsend many times and have rented from your company.

In all the times I have stayed in one of your cabins, and there have been many cabins, I have never been disappointed in the quality of the property offered on your rental program. Each cabin has been clean, as clean as I would have my own home! The supplies provided in each cabin have been more than adequate for my needs, and having these amenities makes me feel at home each time I am there. If anything is needed, I have always felt comfortable in checking with the office. The staff has always been most accommodating and helpful.

Please allow me to address the staff of your company. After having been to Townsend so often and conducting rental business with you, I feel that the staff is like a part of my family. I feel that each one in the office is a friend, and I enjoy visiting with them as much as I do any part of my time spent in Townsend. Whenever I call to make a reservation or ask a question, it is a delightful experience to speak with Sheri and others in the office. Each member of the office staff is personable and helpful in working with me to guarantee an enjoyable visit to Townsend. I would love to own a home in "The Peaceful Side of the Smokies," but until that dream can come true, I will continue to rent through your company. In fact, I already have reservations made for my fall visit!

Thank you for the professional yet personal services offered by Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals and your staff. I take great pride in being able to recommend your company and its services to friends whenever possible.

Charlene Norris

Just a quick note to tell you we really enjoyed our vacation. Our teenage daughter and her friend enjoyed swimming in The Little River, while my wife and I enjoyed your spacious pool.

We gave the girls the room with the jacuzzi. They loved it! We all enjoyed the cabin. It had everything we needed, kitchen, washer and the gas fireplace was great. We even barbecued one afternoon.

We rode bicycles around Cades Cove (well at least 8 miles of it) and hiked up to a falls- not Laurel Falls. (I can't remember the name.) This trail was a in a less populated area and we saw deer and a black bear with two cubs during our hike.

We also went tubing. We rented tubes up river from our cabin and after nearly 2 hours drifting and twisting down the river we got out by the bridge. It was a blast! We've been in the Smokies before - about 20 years ago we camped in the National Park and about 15 years ago we stayed in a Gatlinburg motel. Three years ago, we visited Tennessee and found a brochure about Townsend and the quieter side of the Smokies. This year was the first time that we traveled up I-75 and took US 321. We really enjoyed the quieter side of the Smokies! The accommodations were great and the staff was very friendly and helpful. We have been in Townsend cabins before, but this was the first time we stayed with Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals. I found you on the Internet and after searching your site we decided on the cabin where we wanted to stay. You always wonder if you made the right decision. ... When our week was over my daughter said to me: "You picked the right spot, Dad. It was great!" We all felt the same way!

Thanks for everything. We'll be back!

Tom Dowling

Our family recently stayed in your Mountain Jewel cabin on our vacation (wonderful cabin, by the way). Unfortunately while hiking in the Smokies on Thursday, an incident occurred where we lost the key to our van. This left us in a real bind as we were left with no transportation, and were concerned about getting a replacement key by our Saturday departure date.

After notifying your staff about our predicament, they went out of their way to provide assistance. One or your staff drove us to the Mazda dealer in Maryville and back to our cabin in an ill-fated attempt to get a replacement key made. Then let us use her cell phone to call home to get the spare key sent out to us next day express. On Friday she let us use her personal van all day while she worked in the office, and offered to come back Saturday if we needed anything.

Due to a shipping snafu, the spare key didn't arrive on Friday. So on Saturday, another of your staff came out to our cabin and helped us load our stuff into her van and moved us to another cabin, offering us the cabin for the night if we needed it. Fortunately we were able to track down the key to the Maryville post office, and she drove out there Saturday afternoon and retrieved it and gave us a ride to our van in the park, and we were back in business. We want to thank you and your staff for all the assistance you provided us during our ordeal. Thanks to you all, we were able to make the best of an unfortunate situation. All in all, we still had a great time on our vacation, and look forward to returning to the area soon! Sincerely,
Mike & Linda Barnett

From a church group...

I wanted to just take a moment to commend you for your excellent staff to deal with. Over the past several days I have been working with Sherri to try to pull off a last minute desperation camp for our youth.

We had already booked a camp that we have used before and because of certain situations (not in our control) we lost our reservation. With two months until the date we were supposed to go to camp we were devastated with no where to go. We called over 50 places that we have used before and all were booked (even the roach motels). I stumbled across your website and placed a call. To my pleasant surprise I ended up dealing with Sherri, who has been the nicest most helpful person we have ever dealt with in booking a camp.

I am sure that you have had your hand in the plans of our coming there as well and I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for turning our devastation into one of the most pleasant and memorable experiences in all of our years in planning camps.

We cannot wait to come to your facilities for our camp on June 24-28. Our youth are already counting down the days until we go because we finally have found a place that not only is able to meet our needs, but has an atmosphere of excitement that has swept throughout everyone coming with us to your facilities.

Thanks again for your help and for having team members like Sherri that can be such a pleasure to work with.

God Bless,
Jeremy M. Beck
Youth Pastor
Valley Creek Baptist Church

From some of our property owners...

The purpose of this letter is not to inform you, for we are confident that you are already aware of what we are about to say. Nor is the purpose of this letter simply to brag on one of your employees - though it will do an adequate job of that. The true purpose of this letter is to show our appreciation for the professional job that Sherry Reagan has performed over the last five years for us.

When we first bought and began renting our cabin in 2001, Sherry was working for the White Oak Realty Cabin Rental Company with whom our cabin was listed. And so began our relationship with a "professional" that has been uninterrupted, save a brief hiatus, for five years.

We cannot adequately express how reassuring it has been to hear Sherry's distinctive voice on the other end of the line anytime we have called. It never seemed to matter if we were calling to ask a question or answer a question, if Sherry took the call, we always felt confident that it would be handled promptly, proficiently, and politely. We are confident she has shown your customers the same courtesy and dependability. When calling with a problem to take care of at our cabin, she always had options ready for us to consider when she called. It was a relief to us since we were an hour away and unfamiliar with contractors and businesses that could handle the situation. Sherry was able to provide that for us. We are confident she was acting in our best interest.

In closing, we are sure that you are aware that your cabins, your advertising, and your promotions only open the door for your business. It is the greeting that one gets once inside that makes a person stay and return. It is the combination of traits Sherry possesses that has always made us feel welcome and has earned not only our respect but also our friendship. The worst part of selling our cabin is not speaking to Sherry on a regular basis. She has become a friend to us and we very much appreciate that friendship.

Thank you for the service your company has provided. And, thank you, Sherry, for a job well done!

Blan and Kathy Dougherty